2017 brings our largest range of printed Christmas Tableware, which now includes Tablerunners. We have 47 different cracker options plus hats, party boxes and accessories which will coordinate and complement our tableware ranges. Key themes for this year include the mixing of gold and silver hues, hand crafted and natural designs, and of course the Classic Red & Green story continues to play an important role at Christmas.

For those looking for a classic story our Twelfth night and updated Jolly Holly collections will fit into any environment for your traditional Christmas look.

If you are looking for more of a simplistic, understated, Christmas design our 'Let It Snow' collection is the one for you. This range is perfect for those establishments that want to gain incremental sales at Christmas but do not want to turn their restaurant into Santa's Grotto.

As a different look, the 'North Pole' collection is perfect for the customer who wants a more understated design option, or is looking for an alternative to the trials and tribulations of linen.

In addition, Season's Greetings has been updated for 2017, we feel that it is more festive and impactful, ensuring, like all our other ranges, that it stays strong, simple, traditional and most importantly, match the decor of your dining rooms.

All our collections are intended not only to co-ordinate but also to complement each other and plain coloured tableware from our tissue, Swansoft, or Swansilk ranges can always be incorporated to enhance the table setting.

All our products are designed in the UK with the UK caterer in mind and we hope you'll agree with us when we say, "it's the best collection in the market"!

Contact us for further details or to see our full range please download our brochure here.

North Pole

Winter Wonderland

Gold Celebration

Silver Celebration

Jolly Holly

Midnight Sparkle

Let It Snow

Seasons Greetings

Twelfth Night

Twilight Sparkle

Season's Greetings

Northern Lights

Silver Table Runner

Gold Table Runner

Red & Green Range